Review of April 7, 2017 LIVE interactive Home Business and Affiliate Marketing Training with Worldprofit Co-Founder, George Kosch.

The training session today was packed with valuable information to help our Members grow their successful online business. George Kosch delivers the straight goods on what you need to know and do without any techno geek speak, no hype, just solid good-for-you information. Realize that building your own business starts with learning how to build […]

Topics covered in March 24th home business and affiliate marketing bootcamp training with George Kosch. A review.

Worldprofit co-founder, and Home Business Instructor George Kosch encourages questions throughout the training. For Worldprofit Members unable to attend the LIVE sessions, know that the training is recorded and posted to your Member area within 24 hours. Discussion Topics Marketing and Promotion Where your time and money is best spent when it comes to promotion […]

Review of LIVE interactive Home Business Affiliate Marketing Training with George Kosch March 17th, 2017.

Sporting a green golf shirt for St. Patrick’s Day, George Kosch started the training promptly encouraging participants to ask questions as he goes through the material. Discussion Topics Overview of how Worldprofit’s system works. Worldprofit offers a comprehensive training program and vault of specialized tools, valuable resources, unique software and proprietary aids for building a […]

Review of LIVE interactive Home Business Affiliate Marketing Training with George Kosch March 3, 2017.

Worldprofit’s trainer, George Kosch packed a TON of solid, good-for-you information into this one hour training session. What’s New / Updates / Discussion Money is made by making offers. Leads respond to offers. It’s the GIVE AWAY that gets people to take action. You, me and everyone on the planet likes to get something for […]

Review of LIVE Home Business and Affiliate Marketing Training with George Kosch Friday Feb 10th, 2017. Presented by the home business experts at Worldprofit.

Bootcamp Instructor, George Kosch spent considerable time today reviewing a number of resources available to Silver and Platinum VIP Members. He spoke at length about promotion, about list building and about the practical reality of growing a successful online business. If you missed the LIVE session you will want to watch the recording, a link […]