Safelist Advertising: What it is and how to get the best possible results.

Safelist advertising is a powerful, effective advertising resource for affiliate marketers. Here’s why and how to maximize your responses. A Safelist is a mailing list where Members can email each other. These emails cannot be considered as spam because Member must opt-in to receive the mailings and also have confirmed their email address. A Safelist […]

25 Recommended Books for Entrepreneurs and Affiliate Marketers

Often when I am consulting with clients, I am asked to recommend books for entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers. I have compiled a list of titles on my shelf that I think are worth reading. Success in business means constantly learning and evolving, what better way to do so than sitting down with a good book. […]

What’s Your Social Signal? A primer for using social media.

Before the Internet came along, people would look you in the eye and size you up based on your appearance or perhaps your handshake. These days people judge you based on your Social Signal without possibly ever having met you. This time, there really may be no second chance to correct the wrong message. What’s […]

Promotion is OXYGEN for your business. Here’s how to breathe life into yours and boost those sales.

Newbie affiliate marketers make the common mistake of underestimating just how much promotion it takes to generate sales. To further complicate things, sometimes even when they understand the value of promoting they don’t get the results they want, and this can be for any number of reasons which I will discuss here. Let’s tackle the […]

What’s the BEST Way to Make Money Online? Here’s 6 Sure Fire Ways for the Average Joe or Jane.

You asked, "What is the BEST way to make money online?" I can tell you for sure, it’s NOT to simply post a cute cat video on Youtube then hope and pray it goes viral! Youtube sensations are often short lived, here today and gone tomorrow, and not the best way to earn online. The […]