George Kosch. Home Business Bootcamp Instructor said ” I was SHOCKED when I saw this!”

We ran an audit on new Worldprofit member accounts, and were shocked! After 2 or 3 weeks with us some of you have not even started the online Bootcamp Training! WHY? What are you waiting for? You should have started the training on DAY 1 – and could have had already earned commission! PLEASE, PLEASE, […]

Review of LIVE interactive Home Business Bootcamp with marketing expert George Kosch on March 21, 2014. Presented by Worldprofit Inc.

Today’s LIVE interactive Home Business training was BLUNT, DIRECT, EYE-OPENING. Some people may not have liked George’s honest direct approach but those with a little more experience and some sales under their belt appreciated the no-nonsense training. Perhaps it’s his military training and background but George doesn’t like excuses. He dug in right away to […]

Worldprofit adds 3 Facebook marketing courses for Silver and Platinum VIP Members.

Facebook Marketing Courses! Last week we provided Worldprofit Members with TWO Facebook marketing courses, we’ve now added a third. We’ve been hearing from our Members, many requesting help with marketing on Facebook. We’ve listened and acted finding THREE that we think provides valuable insight and how to tap into the power of Facebook to generate […]

Review of Live Home Business Bootcamp training with George Kosch Friday March 7th. Presented by the Home Business Experts at Worldprofit.

John Covault celebrates his 99th Birthday today! Worldprofit is proud to have Dealers from all over the world, from all walks of life and of ALL ages! It’s our honour to introduce you to Worldprofit’s oldest and wisest Dealer, Mr. John Covault. Here’s Worldprofit’s tribute to John so you can meet this good man. […]

She did it again! Linda Elze is Worldprofit’s TOP SELLER for February 2014.

Linda Elze is Worldprofit’s TOP SELLER for February 2014. Congratulations to Linda and….. to the following keeners who made the TOP 20 Sellers list. Here’s the final standings. 1. Linda Elze 2. Wallace Johnson 3. Howard Martell 4. Leo Laurent 5. Noel Livingston 6. Anita Ludski 7. Anthony Slate 8. Dori ONeill 9. Pam Sudo […]

You’re doing it all RIGHT, says Bootcamp Instructor, George Kosch to a new Worldprofit Silver Member

All day, every day we receive Support Ticket (Help) requests from Worldprofit Members around the world. Today we received a Support Ticket from a new Silver Member who just started 2 weeks ago. She told us she is new to online marketing but is very serious about building her online business and wanted to know […]