25 Things You Can Do Right Now to Advertise Your Business Product or Service FREE!

Are you a little guy or gal with limited advertising dollars?
Here are 25 things you can do right now to promote your business and it won’t cost you one cent!
Each of the 25 ways to get free advertising for your site will take you only about 5 minutes!
Dig in and get started to get free advertising for your site.

1. Join one or more Social Networking Sites. Essentially you put up a profile, a little about your business, products or interests and start posting.
Post your website address, the benefits of what you offer, why people need what you offer and so forth.
Start here at one of our favorite social networking sites devoted to home business.


Don’t stop there though you can use Google to find more, and of course you have heard of FaceBook.com one of the biggest social networking sites so get an account there too.
http://www.YouTube.com (post your free video about your product or service)

2.  Get a blog.  Blogs are essentially a website that is all about YOU, and what YOU offer. You can chat, write, discuss, post and blog as much as you like and the price is the same – free!

Here is an example of one of our blogs.

Get your blog and one or more of the following sites at no cost.


These are just two sites we recommend there are lots of free blog sites.

3. Submit your URL to Google.  Remember the magic word – FREE – well submit your website at the most popular search engine of all.


4. SHOUT OUT about your business at this site and tell the world what you offer:
It’s a kind of business story sharing site, but you can post as often as you like and the price is always zero to place your listing.

5. Classified Ad sites really do produce traffic and amount to more free advertising for your product or business.
Here are some that we like:


6. Text exchanges are new and a great way to get free advertising for your site.  It is an exchange of ads and is hugely popular.
This is the one that we provide: 

Here are some other popular sites you can also use:

7. If you can write then you can take advantage of Article Marketing!
Write articles and you have a huge vehicle for free promotion.

Here’s our favorite recommendations:

8. Get a Lens at Squidoo.
Your Lens can be about anything you like, and you can create new ones or edit old ones as often as you like.

To get yours go to:

9. Submit your site to Yahoo.
Here is the Submit URL link:  https://siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com/submit
Hint: You will need to sign up for a Yahoo account to submit your website.

10. Get a Twitter account and start Tweeting about your business, product, service or opportunity.
It will take you about 30 seconds to set up your account:
Go to http://www.Twitter.com

There you go 10 strategies for online marketing and over 25 places to do it!
Get started and have fun.

Sandi Hunter
The Home Business Experts

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