What’s the BEST Way to Make Money Online? Here’s 6 Sure Fire Ways for the Average Joe or Jane.

You asked, "What is the BEST way to make money online?"

I can tell you for sure, it’s NOT to simply post a cute cat video on Youtube then hope and pray it goes viral!
Youtube sensations are often short lived, here today and gone tomorrow, and not the best way to earn online.

The good news!

There isn’t just one BEST way to make money online, there are LOTS and LOTS of ways!
You decide what is best for you based on your interests, abilities and commitment.

Let’s look at some realistic ways the average person can earn money online – and YES – it IS possible!
I know, because I teach people a system for making online and have been for over twenty years now.

1. Affiliate marketing

Participating in affiliate marketing programs, offers you unlimited products and services that you promote to earn commission on the sale of products and services. To name just a few here are some companies that offer commission for the sale of their products:
Amazon, Worldprofit, ClickBank. The company provides you with the sales material, the link and order forms. You simply promote that link, the company tracks sales, when you refer a sale, you earn commission. The amount of commission you are paid varies by company, offer, product or service. Affiliate marketing is here to stay, and people around the world are earning good income doing this.

2. MULTIPLE sources of online income.

This can mean promoting any number of Affiliate marketing programs. It can mean offering the sale of products and services that are complimentary to a core service. For example if you are an Affiliate marketer for pet insurance, consider promoting other products in that same niche, for example Pet GPS Trackers, books on pets, clothes for pets, and so forth. Another example, if you are an affiliate for website hosting, also be an affiliate for an SEO Service, a blogging service or an advertising company. By promoting a number of products this can mean you receive multiple commission payments from a number of sources all month long!

3. Residual Income

Promote affiliate products or services that are not just one time purchases but are a MONTHLY subscription so after the initial sale you continue to earn money each month that the subscription is continued. For example the sale of Magazine Subscriptions, Website Hosting, SEO services, Software as a Service, Newsletter Subscriptions etc., are often a monthly or yearly fee so this would mean you could earn commission every month.

4. List Building

Selling single products or services without knowing who your buyer is can be a problem. One of the BEST ways to earn online today, tomorrow and for the long term is to build a customer list. Some Affiliate marketing companies don’t provide buyer information, so select companies that DO provide you with that information. At the very least you need an email address of buyers so you can grow your in-house BUYERS list. You can then use an autoresponder or a list mailer like Aweber or Get Response to stay in touch with your buyers. The list you build is GOLD. People who have bought from you in the past are more likely to buy from you again, especially when they have established trust, and you offer products that compliment what they already ordered.

If you are promoting your own products or services and not as an Affiliate, the same holds true of list building. Everything you promote including your website, landing pages and blogs should allow an optin to your Newsletter. Ask your customers if they would like to receive updates from you from time to time so they will give you their email address. Then send them AWESOME offers, special deals, incentives, good stuff – not junk so they will stay on your list and take advantage of your offers. Your customers get a great deal and you make more sales. Win. Win. Who doesn’t like a great deal? Who doesn’t want more sales?

5. Ebay. Auction Sites. Classfiied Ad Sites

Got an eye for a good deal? Willing to put some time in browsing Classified Ad sites and at garage sales? If you have an ability to repair items, sniff out great deals then you can sell online and make good income. I know several handymen (and women) as well as countless tech heads who buy and sell refurbished TV’s and printers and laptops, refinished furniture and more. Not only are they saving these items ending up in landfill, they are fixing them up and selling them to savvy shoppers and pocketing some nice coin. Recently our company sold a number of old servers and racks. The gentleman who bought them saw our online classified, was upfront, he said, " I’m going to put some work into these they sell them online." We got rid of our unwanted equipment, made a little money, he turned around and sold it to make more money!

6. Sell Yourself or Your Skills!

If you have a specialized skill such as being a writer, or a software developer, a blogger, or website designer, or have an entreprenial bug, you are in an enviable position. You can sell your services to the masses worldwide online. I have a young friend who was addicted to social media. She was always facebooking, tweeting, instagramming. I said to her one day, why don’t you turn that interest and skill into cash? Facebooking a skill? Blogging a skill? Yes, social media marketing is a highly sought skill that companies hire for and pay good money. My friend took my suggestion and now manages the social media accounts for at least 20 companies all over the world. You know what her new addiction is? Making money online. She learned how to do this with a little help from me but where else? She learned it all online. No college courses, no night classes. She took an interest, an ability, spent some time learning, now is making a good monthly income all the while working off her laptop.
What skill or interest do you have that you can turn into cash?

There you have it. SIX realistic ways to make money online.

Now that I have put the idea in your head, and you are thinking I could do that but where do I start?

You start by getting some help to learn how to market online. Save yourself time, money and frustration of doing it wrong. For over twenty years now my company has specialized in helping people make money online from reputable sources. We train everyone from the newbie to the more experienced, from the stay at home mom, to the retired person who wants to earn extra income. In short, we teach you step-by-step how to grow your own online business. We provide you with products to promote, recommended trusted income programs, advertising resources, specialized software for blogging, SEO, and lead and traffic generation, and most importantly a comprehensive training and support system on how to put it all together to increase your earnings. Help not hype is what our customers have come to expect from us and this commitment has continued to help make Worldprofit the #1 choice for online home business training.

About the Author:

Sandi Hunter, is Co-Founder and President of Worldprofit Inc. Started in 1994, Worldprofit has helped people worldwide grow their own online business with comprehensive training, support and resources from newbies to more seasoned affiliate marketers.

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