Review of Ultimate List Building Tactics by George Kosch

The Money is in the list. That’s what George Kosch says. For a new marketer, what the heck does that mean? For someone keen on making money online and who’s just getting started in affiliate marketing, what’s a list? Why do I want a list? How do I grow this list? How do I make money with this list?

George Kosch covers this and so much more in his latest ebook, Ultimate List Building Tactics.

Now, let me tell you this, as I have known George for thirty years. George is a tech head. He’s a gifted programmer, and instructor with over 20 years of experience in online marketing but he’s grounded in the real world and speaks in a way that the rest of us can understand. You won’t get gobbily goop in this ebook, you’ll get valuable information you can put to good use right now, the moment you put the book down.

This book is extremely well written, clear, comprehensive. George zeros in on what is most important to building a profitable online business, list building. A list is the LIFE BLOOD of your business. He covers important industry related terms, strategies, and the importance of using a systematic approach to growing house email lists that GROW with you as your business and product base develops over time. Having access to your own lists is money in your pocket. As your list grows your income potential grows every time you press SEND. George delivers the nuts and bolts of all things related to the how, what, where and why of list building.

If you don’t understand what “THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST” means, you WILL after reading this book. Better yet, if you follow what George recommends you will be making money every time you send to your list, creating income for today, tomorrow and the future.

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Review By Sandi Hunter

Sandi Hunter is co-founder of Worldprofit Inc. and author of Internet Marketing for Newbies: The Definitive Guide to Promoting your product or service online. Get your free copy at

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