It’s not always about you business owner! Here’s 5 Ways to take good care of your customers and increase your bottom line.

Want to grow your successful online business? Increase customer retension? Make more sales?

Then you had better take care of your customers – each and every one of them.

Here’s 5 things you can do to increase your bottom line by taking care of the most important people in your business life, your customers.

1. Order Confirmations

If you are offering online ordering, make sure your customer gets an immediate acknowlegement of the order.
This confirmation can be set up automatically to email out when an order is received.
When a customer trusts you with their credit card or PayPal information they want to make sure it gets to you and that their order is fulfilled.
In your order confirmation, it’s helpful to include: estimated time of delivery, or in the case of online access, how to login for instant access. Customers grow inpatient waiting and wondering so give them no reason to feel that way. Include customer service information when possible, an email, a chat line option, Skype and so forth so if there is a problem they know what to do.

2. Jump on Customer Service Problems ASAP!

Despite your best efforts you will always, no matter what you do, encounter a customer who is disatisfied or unhappy. It might be a simple problem or a major problem. Either way, get on it right away. Do what you can to turn an unhappy customer into a happy one. You may not always succeed but hopefully both you and your customer will know you made an effort to find a resolution. Play your cards right and you can turn an initially displeased customer into a loyal customer for life. How? By making a sincere effort to help, solve or find a resolution to a problem. Reasonable people know that mistakes are made, no company is perfect, but a sincere person offering an apology while trying to help is welcomed by most people. Elton John sings that "Sorry seems to be the hardest word" but I will tell you that "Sorry should be the easiest word." Remember that your customers talk, the unhappy ones talk more and louder then the happy ones. Wouldn’t you rather have them sharing the story of how you went above and beyond to solve a problem then that you did very little or worst, absolutely nothing. Customers share their experiences locally and online via social networking so do your best to make sure the story shared is a good one.

3. Offer Member Appreciation.

This doesn’t have to be costly or extravagent. It can simply be a thank you, a special offer, an incentive, a promotion. Something that conveys we appreciate your business! The TWO WORDS in life that never lose their power – THANK YOU.

4. Be nice!

Anyone who has ever been treated rudely by a customer service agent knows well the sting of that experience. Be sure your Customer Service people whether they be on the phone, in person, or on live chat know how to be respectful, helpful and sincere. You can hear a smile on a person’s face even when speaking on the phone. If you or your agents are dismissive, rude or impatient this will cost you customers. Know it. Believe it.

5. The lifetime business value of personalized sincere service

Do you remember the slogan in the Speedy Muffler Commercials, "At Speedy you’re a somebody". Do you know one reason why that campaign was so successful? Speedy has a lot of customers, but they made the Speedy experience about you and only you. Service was presented as a personalized experience, where no matter who you are, you are always a SOMEBODY when you take your car to Speedy. Who among us doesn’t like to feel special? Speedy Muffler knew that customers can take their car to the competitor, afterall they all say they have the lowest prices, and the best service but instead Speedy added the one simple compelling, powerful phrase "At Speedy you’re a somebody." Think about your own behaviour as a consumer. Don’t you tend to frequent or do repeat business with companies you trust, where the people are nice, they may even remember your name, and they seem to care that you are happy with the service or product?

Get the picture? Take good care of your customers, and they’ll help you take care of your bottomline.

About the Author

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