Time For A Reality Check!

I think it’s time for a reality check.

I saw it again today. A support ticket came in with the complaint. “I’ve been in your program for 8 days and haven’t made any money.”   We reviewed the account and noticed the customer had not started the Worldprofit Bootcamp Training.   The Bootcamp Training is critical to profiting from the Worldprofit System. Worldprofit provides this FREE training with the Membership as we WANT our Members to succeed in our program but Members have to be willing to do some work.

In this age of instant gratification, and get rich quick schemes, it may be time for a Reality Check.

ANY business, franchise, apprenticeship, coffee shop, hamburger stand, lemonaide stand, education or refined skill requires a period of training, some out of pocket expense, good old fashioned effort and often a little help along the way.

Did Google reach it’s monster success in 10 days? How about 12 years and counting?

Starbucks? Were they profiting in 8 days? They had to sell a lot of coffee and go through major growing pains.

How about McDonalds? A success in 3 months? The company started in 1940 and has had ups and downs on the road to success.

A Nurse? 2 – 3 years of college or university training, tuition costs and on graduation FINALLY a nice salary. Then more training and more work to stay current in a changing profession.

A Plumber? 3 – 4 year apprenticeship is required. Lots and lots of work!

Olympic Athlete? Jamie Sale, an Olympic Gold Medal Winner in Skating started skating when she was 5, she won a gold medal when she was 23 at the Winter Olympic Games. That’s a lot of practice, expense, sweat and tears to reach a goal.

Did you have a Lemonaide stand as a child? Did your parents help you setup the stand, help cover your start up costs? Did your neighbours help you out by buying a cup or two of lemonaide? Did you make any profit in the first hour? How about the second hour. Did you persevere all day in the heat or did you shut it down at the end of the day having spent more than you made?

Being a success at school, in a marriage, as a parent, an athelete, as an entrepreneur, a professional, or business owner takes training, time and consistent hard work – and help from others.

Ask yourself

1. What have I done TODAY to build my business?
2. Have I made an honest effort to work and build this business consistently?
3. Am I making use of all the resources I have available to succeed at what I want to achieve?

A book I highly recommend on success is called “The Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell.
Gladwell’s thesis is that we cannot succeed on our own. You can have all the talent in the world but it is going to take other people and some subtle advantages helping you along the way for you to achieve high levels of success.  He talks about “practice” time and “opportunity” both are critical and his explanation of why is outstanding and directly relevant to the topic of this post.

You’ve found us at Worldprofit, we are glad to have you on our team. Our people offer you the tools, resources and strategies to make a success of your online business. We are here every day to help you. Will you do the work to make it happen?

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