Review: Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch April 1, 2011

During today’s LIVE Home Business training, George started things off covering the basics for newcomers.

George provided an overview of the training program and detailed the most common mistakes made by newbies.
He discussed in detail with examples on screen what needs to be done to understand and enjoy success in the Worldprofit system.
If anyone missed the LIVE training you WILL want to watch the recorded version of today’s basic training.

George than moved on to the Advanced Training Session. He demonstrated for Members the new expanded Content Management System showing the capabilities and options. He spent time on aspects related to customization, search engine optimization, how to integrate social media, add pages, links and more. The new Content Management System is a free value-added service for all Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members. A number of Members have already updated their sites to the new design and Content Management System and feedback is positive. A few early glitches have been repaired.

Next, George demonstrated the new LIVE Face Chat tool. Worldprofit was a pioneer in development webcast applications, and this new tool is an extension on technology created nearly 10 years ago. George showed on screen, how the Live Fact Chat tool can be embedded to any WordPress Blog as a widget, or added to a Landing page or website quickly and easily. The power of this tool is instant connection with your site visitors in live video in real time. This chat tool also has a footer popover option. George discussed how the Chat Tool can also be used with the Magic List Builder.

The LIVE Face Chat is free for all Worldprofit Platinum VIP Members, or available as a paid optional service for Silver members.
George also revealed that the entire suite of Worldprofit Webcast Services (Instant Meeting Center, Instant Video System, and Instant Seminar System) are all being revamped in the next few weeks to incorporate large video screens and technical and security updates.
According to George, the goal is to recreate these tools video production tools for Members with seamless integration with YouTube etc.
George concluded today’s training taking and answering questions from participants

Today’s LIVE Home Business Bootcamp training concluded after 2 hours.
A tremendous amount of new detailed material was covered today, it is worth it to watch the recorded version.

Comments from Bootcamp Participants

Neil: Awesome training
Jonathan: Good Day Everyone WOW so powerfull and so easy THANKS GEORGE
Randy: The new site is great George
Curt: Thanks, great info
Elizabeth: The Live Chat is just awesome
Vanda: I saw you practicing with this live the other day! It’s GREAT..
Elizabeth: This is all just AWESOME’
Jonathan: Brilliant As per normal Woohoo Love .FLV
Neil: You Tube brilliant
Vanda: Mind Blowing Training George! Thx for your time What an awesome collection of stuff to learn.
Charity: Thanks
Gerald: Great!
Paula: Thank you George
Sheryl: thank you very much, George!
William: Thank you for training
Rahimah: Thx George
Elizabeth: Thank You George Awesome as always
Nicole: Thanks, love your training.
Egill: This is exciting. Thank you for everything you are doing for us George. Following what you teach is giving me real results.
Gregg: Thanks, George. Great training. Good weekend

Both the Basic and Advanced Training sessions were recorded and will be posted to the Worldprofit Member area later today.

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