Mention: Create word alert notifications for your name, company, product, service or even your competitors. Very clever.

Looks like there is a new kid on the block for creating key word alerts for monitoring who’s saying what, where and when about you, your company,  or your competitors.
Data that is critical to anyone doing business online. 

It’s called Mention. Previously Google was the key player offering an alert service, but now Mention is offering what looks like a very promising similar service.

The way Mention works is this.

You sign up for a free account then enter the name of the alert you wish to create and then you receive ALERTS when the key words  you have selected are used online in social media or on webpages.

Mention offers some nice features allowing you to monitor what’s being said in online media in 42 languages including blogs, news sites, social networks and more.

Once you have created your own alert, you can be ALERTED in real time via email and push notifications so you can react quickly by responding, tweeting, posting etc.

Access your alerts from your desktop or mobile.   The service is available for Windows, IPhone, Android, and also offers a Chrome extension. 

The free one month account offers you 3 alerts, and up to 500 mentions per month along with a one monthly history. After that there are paid plans if you want to have unlimited alerts, access stats etc. 

With all the integration now of Facebook, Twitter and social media, LIVE searches and real time data are going to be both popular and powerful. Marketers take note.   

Mention looks like a great alternative to Google Alerts and offers lots of potential.

Get your free Mention account at